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FIO is excited to announce the release of FIO 2.3 on Mainnet, deploying msigs and continuing to uphold a sterling record of on-time development execution.

This release includes the following new features:

  • Adds the ability to transfer FIO Addresses
  • Enables users to transfer tokens to a new account and lock the tokens for a pre-defined period of time
  • Adds the ability for wallets to map all tokens on a particular chain to a single public address
  • Enables the purchase of multiple sets of bundled transactions

A more in-depth review


Both FIO Domains and FIO Addresses are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are owned by a FIO Public Key. FIP-1(b) enables users to…

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To our earliest supporters;

The FIO Protocol wants to thank you for your support and demonstrate our appreciation by automatically renewing your Pre-sale FIO Domain purchases. We engaged with the community and decided together to renew all domains for one year that were purchased during the pre-sale. All who purchased a FIO Domain will not need to renew their domains until March 2022.

If you purchased a FIO Address (user@domain) during the pre-sale, you will have to renew that yourself. …

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The transition to 2021 finds FIO development also in a bit of a transition. In January we released the contract code updates targeting several FIO Improvement Proposals (FIPs) that have been on the list for a while. Since September of 2020, we have been targeting monthly FIP-based releases and in January we added another four features (FIPs 1, 6, 11, and 18). Our upcoming chain code update in February will put the finishing touches on this round of FIPs by adding in all the new API endpoints and other chain plugin utilities. In the meantime, the development team is transitioning…

Milestone reached 🔓

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Congratulations to the FIO stakeholders for achieving this latest milestone of successfully registering more than 100,000 FIO Addresses.

Since inception, the vision of FIO has been to make crypto so easy anyone could do it — and so fun, everyone wants to do it. Blockchain is the best ledger ever invented and cryptocurrency is the best form of money ever invented. …

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this is a repost from

At Liquid, we feel that your experience with crypto transactions should be as smooth and free from confusion as possible. That is why we are implementing the FIO Protocol, a whole new system that enables easy-to-read custom wallet addresses.

Existing Blockchain networks can be difficult to manage with long public addresses, which pose many challenges. Invariably, long and confusing public addresses often result in complicated workflows amid the growing risk of man-in-the-middle attacks or losing funds altogether by sending to the wrong address.

Have you ever been in a situation where you constantly feel…

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Since Mainnet Launch in Late March 2020:

FIO Functionality Integrations

  • FIO Protocol functionality is live and available to users in 13 wallets and exchanges including BitMax Exchange, ChangeNOW, ShapeShift, Edge, Coinomi, and more. Another exchange goes live next week!

Token Listings

  • FIO Token is listed on Binance, BitMax, Bithumb, Liquid, ChangeNOW, Hotbit,, CoinDCX, and SimpleSwap

FIO Addresses


Block Producers


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(this is a copy of the original post from Liquid’s blog: )

In addition to listing the FIO Token on Liquid on November 16, 2020, we are excited to announce that we aim to integrate FIO protocol into our trading platform’s deposit/withdrawal interface on December Xth, 2020!

What is FIO Protocol?

The FIO Protocol (FIO) aims to make crypto products more accessible and easy to use for everyone. It was launched as a distributed service layer, which provides cross-platform usability enhancements to existing wallets, exchanges, applications, and any other cryptocurrency endpoint. …

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FIO release 2.2 was deployed on Mainnet on November 5th. This release includes the following new features:

  • Adds the ability to burn FIO Addresses
  • Makes FIO Addresses optional when voting for a block producer or proxying a vote
  • Updates Block Producer Fee setting to make it easier to respond to changes in the price of the FIO Token

For more information please read our detailed overview below, or refer to the Version 2.2 Release Notes.

Detailed Overview

FIP-7 An owner should be able to burn their FIO Address ahead of expiration if they no longer wish to use it and want to…

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The FIO Protocol has officially been integrated into the ChangeNOW interface, allowing for a simplified exchange process that doesn’t require you to enter a public address or scan a single QR code.

From the ChangeNOW interface, you can simply enter in your FIO Address as the payout address:

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The FIO “Gemini” release was deployed on Mainnet on September 23rd. This release included fixes to the core chain code to facilitate the rapid release of new features and updates.

With this release behind us, the development team has begun focusing on rolling out the backlog of user and wallet requested features. We’re excited to announce the first of these rollouts with the deployment of FIO release 2.1, which includes the follow new features:

  • FIO Domain transfer functionality
  • Pagination for API calls that normally results in too much data
  • Cancellation of FIO Requests
  • Ability to remove public address mappings



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