100,000 New Address Registrations

3 min readJan 19, 2021

Milestone reached 🔓


Congratulations to the FIO stakeholders for achieving this latest milestone of successfully registering more than 100,000 FIO Addresses.

Since inception, the vision of FIO has been to make crypto so easy anyone could do it — and so fun, everyone wants to do it. Blockchain is the best ledger ever invented and cryptocurrency is the best form of money ever invented. It is for this reason (among so many others) that we have no fleeting doubt that cryptocurrencies will be the tools used to phase out traditional FIAT money and phase in the next generation of money, worldwide.

Cryptocurrency promises to bring about a more inclusive global market economy, however, regardless of how sound the technology is, if it is not friendly, the industry will not have “won”. Long and confusing public keys are soon to be a thing of the past and replaced with human-readable vanity wallet addresses equipped to include metadata— it’s not if, but when and who. And as a non-profit decentralized autonomous consortium, FIO is positioned to steward this important part of cryptocurrency’s evolution into the next era.

According to a recent Twitter Poll, 45% of cryptocurrency users (and we are assuming these are not “new-to-crypto” users based on our Twitter audience), have lost value strictly due to the complexity inherent with sending/receiving cryptocurrency today. FIO is a direct response to helping mitigate this complexity and make sending and receiving (and even requesting!) crypto error-resistant.

In this great interview with Seth Melamed, the COO of Liquid Global, he was able to share with us that in less than two months, Liquid Global has received support tickets for help to recover over $240,000 in value (pre-bull run!).

In some cases, the exchange was able to help its users, but in doing so, it requires them to pull their developers off of their current sprints, sometimes for up to five hours, resolving one issue at a time, and in other cases, the exchange is not able to recover funds, such as in the case of one user who sent a heartfelt email about sending part of their life’s savings to a public address that was just two keys off from the correct address. FIO is designed to help prevent these incredibly costly and painful situations from happening and doing so in a way that is decentralized and puts the users first.

The full interview is a little less than an hour and incredibly insightful to the industry-wide problems FIO and its ecosystem of integrated partners are solving. But, if you don’t have time to watch the full interview, here is a quick 3-minute recap!

Thank you to ALL of our #FIOfam for helping us achieve this amazing milestone and moving us closer to a more *joyful* cryptocurrency experience.

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